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We will be discussing and signing copies of our book Long Island Oddities at the following dates and locations:

10/23/13 7PM Carle Place, Barnes and Noble

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10/30/13 7PM Lake Grove, Barnes and Noble

Mary Hatchet

This is one of the strangest legends on Long Island. A young girl or young woman killed her entire family with a hatchet. Because of the incredible evil concerning the act, legend says the house actually sunk gradually into the ground and now only the chimney remains above ground.

There seem to be 2 locations for this urban legend. One is actually near Mount Misery and the other is in Cedarhurst. The story line is basic and there are very little details. She kills her family with a hatchet, then she takes her own life, and she supposedly still haunts the house as it sinks into the ground.

As far as the Mount Misery version, we did receive an encounter from a group of friends who went to investigate. In looking for the house, they got directions from some locals and drove through the area. At one point they took their van down what looked like an overgrown path. The van became stuck and they told us of hands apparently rocking the van side to side rather violently. It took some time to get out and to this day they have no idea what they experienced in the woods but they certainly felt the danger. They believe this was right near the Mary Hatchet house. We are unsure if that was a phenomenon from the Hatchet house or just one of those weird things that happen to people in the Mount Misery area.

We did try to conduct an investigation in the five towns area based on a possible lead. We found an open lot in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood where there were no houses and only overgrown weeds. There were residences on either side and with property values high we wonder why these parcels were not developed. There was no sign of a chimney however.

There is a rock group called "DECIDING TONIGHT", based out of none other than Long Island that has a rock song and video called "Mary Hatchet." The lyrics tell the story of a girl who killed her family with a hatchet. They have another track named "Near Rockaway", which Cedarhurst certainly is.


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    I have been to the site of the Hatchet house a couple times,back in my high school days. It is in Hewlett Harbor a little past the 7 ton bridge. The only thing that does remain is the foundation. And ut is rumored there is writing on the walls in blood, anyone who has tried to gain entry to the basement has had a bad luck streak that does eventually end but takes a while. Early stories I heard about the incident were that she also killed one of their neighbors in the same incident.
    uh is this a real story
    Its the back of Lawrence, NY. Not Cedarhurst. I grew up in Cedarhurst. The chimney is coved by the weeds you saw.
    Mary Hatchet murdered her entire family and then killed herself. The house is just off of Cedarhurst Drive in Hewlett Harbor, not Cedarhurst. There is a vacant lot off of Cederhurst Drive where the chimney could still be seen. The previous description is correct, it is a wealthy neighborhood with an empty lot, but the chimney was there.
    wow! i want to visit this place!

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