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We will be discussing and signing copies of our book Long Island Oddities at the following dates and locations:

10/23/13 7PM Carle Place, Barnes and Noble

10/24/13 7PM Bay Shore, Barnes and Noble

10/30/13 7PM Lake Grove, Barnes and Noble

    Haunted Pizza Hut in Centereach    

You might just see more than the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet at this location. Local legend has it that this was once a Jack's before it became a Pizza Hut. According to one of the shift managers, a man was shot and killed in what is now the Pizza Hut men's room.

Ever since then people have been telling stories off odd sounds and objects moving. Could this man still be wandering the john looking for his killer?

The staff of Long Island Oddities went with L.I.P.I., a paranormal research group to investigate the rumors. The staff manager who met with us there told us that they had some trouble keeping their pans from falling off the shelves and has at one point been forced to tie them in place. She claimed the shelf was flat but yet every time the pans were placed there, eventually they fell down, sometimes all over the kitchen.

One of the employees working in the kitchen was Spanish and at first was unable to understand our questions until one of the members asked about a ghost in Spanish, He looked a bit started and nodded his head emphatically clearly showing us that it frightened him. One can only imagine what one might experience alone after closing time.

L.I.P.I. did get some interesting EMF readings but it was difficult to really ensure there were no natural causes because the restaurant was fully operational and there was a lot of electric devices and electric lights running. Also we noticed some radio interference while taking readings in the men's room. Most carried family radio units and there were occasional pops, spurts, and clicks.

In all we could tell that people did believe there was something going on but the actual findings were difficult to determine with all the normal everyday activity going on.


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    I used to work here in the late 80s and used to hear whispering in the bathrooms
    I used to work here to in the late 80's and heard whispering in the bathroom several times
    THIS PLACE IS REALLY HAUNTED!!!!! I used to work in the kitchen. PIZZAS FLY OFF THE SHELVES!!!!
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