Book Signings

We will be discussing and signing copies of our book Long Island Oddities at the following dates and locations:

10/23/13 7PM Carle Place, Barnes and Noble

10/24/13 7PM Bay Shore, Barnes and Noble

10/30/13 7PM Lake Grove, Barnes and Noble


This house in Oyster Bay played an important role in the Revolutionary War both for and against the British. Could it be that shadows of it's past still linger?

This original home of the Townsends quartered British troops during the war as was the law in the American colonies. One day a British Major, John Andre was overheard discussing a bribe to convince Benedict Arnold to surrender his troops. Townsend's daughter notified Washington and the plot was foiled. John Andre was known to frequent the house often before this and it is claimed that he may still pay occasional visits.

According to an article on the former Haunted Long Island website, there was a sighting of Andre outside a bedroom window. There may also be another ghost. Another British officer often staying at the house also quartered a lover there. It is said that her bedroom where she stayed is always cold. It does not mention which of the upstairs rooms she held but there was one room in particular I found rather chilling. The museum curators set up period mannequins there to illustrate scenes of daily life. See photo on the right taken in the middle bedroom upstairs.

There may also be a pleasanter spirit residing at Raynham Hall. Many visitors and museum employees tell tales of the smell of apple and cinnamon in the kitchen. Some say if you smell it, the lady in the kitchen welcomes you. Strangely when we arrived to do out investigation of Raynham we smelled it too but I found some potpourri in the kitchen that smelled just like apple pie. At first I thought maybe there was no apple and cinnamon apparition but when speaking to one of the tourguides, she said she encountered the smell far from the kitchen near the servants stairway. When she called her supervisor he told her not to worry as she had been welcomed. It seems to be accepted as a real haunted house by many sources. We were unable to find anything conclusive on our tour. Someone caught an orb but it looked like it could have been dust from a curtain blowing in the breeze.

Another strange thing was this trap door looking panel in the floor on the second floor. The break on the wood you see in the photo on the right continues around in a square hole big enough for a person. There appears to be an outlet inset into the floor but this is obviously an addition. I am unsure if this "trap door" is original or not.



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    The "trap door" has an outlet set into it, but isn't it possible that the section of floor was cut out to wire the outlet up?

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