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We will be discussing and signing copies of our book Long Island Oddities at the following dates and locations:

10/23/13 7PM Carle Place, Barnes and Noble

10/24/13 7PM Bay Shore, Barnes and Noble

10/30/13 7PM Lake Grove, Barnes and Noble

Men in Black
Not just a movie

For those of you who saw the movie, you may think of men in black as high security government officials flashing lights in your face to make you forget what you saw. According to John Ford and other UFO researchers, these strange men appear to be real and seem to have a very unclear purpose in mind. There have been few accounts where people were actually threatened away from UFO research on Mount Misery. These "visitors" seem to dwell on the mundane and nonsensical.

The supposed men in black do not always look the same but their actions have similarities. Usually a MIB story will involve strange men coming in and asking strange unrelated questions. They may say they are UFO investigators but then seem more interested with the relationship status of the person they are talking to and other unrelated personal tidbits. They also have strange mannerisms. According to various accounts found in John Keel's "The Mothman Prophecies", they would seem fascinated with a pen or other trinket and were delighted to be able to take it with them. They also seemed to be unfamiliar with day to day customs such as eating with a fork, or general world knowledge. They have also been known to ask for the time and date repeatedly and speak in a "singsong" voice.

One of the most well documented reports came from a woman living near the peak of Mount Misery. She has four gentlemen come to her door in the rain. They had walked up a muddy hill but their shoes were spotless. They had strong, high cheekbones and seemed to be of Indian heritage. They spoke with her politely but claimed that her property was theirs and that they would get it back. (Summarized from The Mothman Prophecies p. 201 and other web sites)

According to John Keel's book, MIBs are not always male. There was another account back in 1967 where a woman claiming to be a reporter of a Long Island paper came by to do an interview. She asked a bunch of personal questions about family and then left. Upon further investigation that paper had no such employee. This also took place on Mount Misery.

There have also been reports of Mount Misery natives seeing strangers in black suits wandering around, though I have been unable to gain any more specific info. Many of these events took place many years ago during UFO sighting boosts.


In doing research on this topic I have seen a few different explanations. Of course there is always the chance that the strangeness of these visitors is exaggerated or imagined. There are also those who say the MIB's are really government agents trying to squash evidence to prevent a panic. John Keel seems to think they really are something not human but instead of smothering UFO stories, have been known to draw more attention to them. Maybe they feed us what they want us to think and what they want varies with each situation.



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    the onbly ufo I have seen on Long Island is when my husband goes on a rampage and runs around the house screaming at everyone over everything!!! Although when my middle son Nicky now 20 years old was about 14 months old he literally disappeared from our very t6iny home 3 police men and numerous adults completely searched our house to no avail, then the cops brought in the dog to sniff him out , their explaination was that he was under the fitted sheet of the crib we do not buy that because all the people invo9lve in the search which lasted a good 2hours ripped that crib apart. ABDUCTED??? who knowe but he still does aCT A LITTLE STRANGE SOME TIMES BUT WE LOVE HIM WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND ARE SO GLAD WE HAVE HIM BACK!!!!

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